Australian tops the Fastest Internet connection at 44.2Tbps


Researchers from Australia have achieved a whopping 44.2 Tbps Internet speed

Australian researchers have achieved an Internet speed of 44.2 terabits per second (Tbps) in a recent study. The speed achieved by the researchers is said to be record-breaking as per the paper published in Nature Communication. The Researchers from Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT universities have found out that with a speed of 44.2 Tbps you can download more than 50 100GB Blu-ray movies in a mere 1 second. Due to the turbo speed, there will be no buffering in streaming services.

In India the average internet speed is between 25 Mbps – 50 Mbps and the highest recorded average network speed is currently 193 Mbps in Singapore.

Researchers have managed to discover this speed with the help of a micro-comb chip. An optical device produces a very sharp and equidistant frequency line in a tiny micro-photonic chip. They exchange information on fiber and rely on the laser lights.

This is the first trial made by tech and they placed the micro-comb chip within the optic fiber cables that operated between RMIT’s campus and Monash campus. This helped them to achieve the fastest speed.

The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) utilized the fiber cable network mirrors. This was possible due to the use of a single integrated chip source. Researchers were sure that tech has the potential to be integrated with the current fiber infrastructure as well.

The technology used to achieve the speed is the fastest speed will help users to watch movies or surf the Internet without any buffering, this technology will also make a huge impact on the speed of the autonomous vehicles industry, gaming industry, medical fields, and many others.

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