Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro gets AMD Radeon Pro 5600M option which is 75% faster


Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro users can upgrade to costly new GPU AMD Radeon Pro 5600M that will make their laptop run 75% faster

With all eyes on the forthcoming Apple WWDCApple has brought two new updates to the MacBook Pro and Max Pro, starting today. Now the 16-inch MacBook Pro owners can upgrade their laptops with the new AMD Radeon Pro 5600M graphics with 8GB of HBM2 memory.

Apple says that upgrading to the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU will make the laptops capable of performing 75% faster than the base 5500M graphics option for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new graphics chip is not cheap and will cost MacBook Pro users $700 to $800 to get the upgrade depending on your current 16-inch MacBook Pro hardware.

On the plus side, the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M 7nm GPU can make video editing, color grading, and game and app development on MacBook Pro super easy according to Apple and AMD. As said above, Apple claims this 5600M GPU will deliver up to 75-percent faster performance than the Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB of GDDR6.

The Radeon Pro 5600M has 8GB of HBM2 video memory with 394 GB/s bandwidth and 40 compute units (CUs). AMD says it offers 5.3 teraflops (TFLOPs) of single-precision (FP32) floating-point performance.

Aside from the new GPU update for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple will also be making the new SSD kit available for the Mac Pro. The SSD kit will allow users to upgrade their existing MacBook Pro memory substantially from its original base configuration. The kit will include two SSD modules that will come with the following capacity options: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB.


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