Apple patents a long distance group selfies to help you maintain social distancing in coronavirus


Apple patents the tech to take long-distance group selfies from iPhones maintaining social distancing in coronavirus pandemic

This is one patent Apple will be proud of for a long time to come. In the times of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, taking group selfies is hazardous and fatal for all concerned. But humans being social animals can’t live without social contacts. In order to overcome the hazards of taking group selfies by being together, Apple has patented a novel way that lets you take group selfies from long-distance.

The new Apple patent which bears Patent #: US010672167 from United States Patents and Trademarks Office would allow iPhone users to take “synthetic group selfies.” If and when this tech is made available for iPhones and other Apple devices, the iPhone users would have the ability to take group selfies while not being physically present with anyone.

Here is how the long-distance group selfies tech works

The tech works by superimposing the people in a group photograph. Imagine you want to take a group selfie with your college friends for an Alumni meet invite but you obviously can’t do that now due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown imposed by the governments around the world. What this tech patented by Apple does is that it lets you invite your college mates to take their own selfies. These selfies are then fed into the software and it would superimpose them in a different position behind the organizer.

The software doesn’t require the person interested in the group selfie to take a new image, he/she could add images from “still photos, stored video images, or live streaming images.” These would allow for several different options for users when creating a synthetic selfie.

The software is no different then you taking different images and superimposing in Photoshop. It will just save you the trouble of photoshopping by taking a group selfie on your iPhone by just clicking a button.

Do remember that Apple came up with the idea way back in September 2018 and the patent was only granted now. You could think that Apple was aware of a global pandemic like coronavirus affecting us 2 years back.  Also, do note that all patents don’t make it to the final product. If this one does make it to the next iOS update, it will be great news for Apple iPhone users.



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