Apple iPhone users complain about unusual battery drainage due to Apple Music App


Apple iPhone users face unusual battery drain due to Apple Music and other Apps in iOS 13.5.1

If you are an iPhone owner, running your device on iOS 13.5.1, you could be facing this issue. iPhones running on this particular iOS version have serious and unusual battery drainage, especially with their music Apps.

Hundreds of iPhone users took to Reddit and Apple forums to complain about unusual battery drainage due to certain Apps running in the background. Most users said that this battery drain was caused due to Apple Music App but many users found even Teamsnap and Bloomberg App causing the battery to drain rapidly.

The issue seems to a bug in iPhones running on iOS 13.5.1 because only the devices both new and old, are experiencing this peculiar issue. Some users reported that their Apps work in the background, even if the app has not been used for weeks or even at all.

Some users said that they had switched of background sync for App Music but it didn’t help:

Have the same issue: Now switched off background sync for Music, hope it helps.

The issue of Apple Music App draining batteries cropped up in April 2020 but at that time complaints were few. Now all of a sudden many users are reporting the issue which suggests that it could be due to a Apple server bug. Even doing the following won’t cure this problem:

  • Force quit the Music app.
  • Restart / Restore ‌iPhone‌.
  • Delete the Music app then reinstall it.
  • Turn off Automatic Downloads (Settings -> Music -> Automatic Downloads).
  • Disable background app refresh (Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Disable Music).
  • Turn off Mobile Data (Settings -> Music -> Mobile Data).
  • Cancel all downloads in the Music Library.

The only thing that seems to work is a full factory reset according to one user. However, this has not been confirmed by other iPhone users.

I had this last week. It was also making my phone very hot. Tried various resets. None worked until I did the big one. Full factory reset. So far(3 days), it’s been behaving itself.

Apple has still not commented on the issue but upgrading to iOS 14 could remove the bug according to iPhone users.


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