Apple follows Samsung by planning a foldable iPhone to be launched in 2020


Cat and mouse game between Apple and Samsung continues as Apple announces foldable iPhone to be launched in 2020 while Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone to be launched by 2018

Both Apple and Samsung are known for copying each other and then fighting it out in court. Apple first brought out an iPhone with a home button and Samsung followed suit. This year, Samsung launched a bezel-less Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple followed suit with a similar bezel-less iPhone X. Rumors have already started floating around that Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy 9 smartphone may have the face recognition tech that Apple has incorporated in iPhone X.

Samsung has already announced a foldable smartphone called Samsung Galaxy X which will be the first foldable smartphone to hit the markets somewhere in 2018. According to reports Apple has taken a cue from Samsung and has started working on a foldable iPhone. Apple is reportedly in talks with LG for the supply of foldable smartphone tech as Samsung wouldn’t share its tech till the Samsung Galaxy X is launched. And LG has agreed to the deal as reports indicate the folding iPhones are set for production in 2020, according to Korean news outlet The Bell (via The Investor).

With the smartphone specs saturated at spec level, we seem to be moving to a different era where the smartphones will be foldable affair a-la wallet which can be folded and kept in your back pocket.

Cat and mouse game between Apple and Samsung continues as Apple announces foldable iPhone to be launched in 2020 while Samsung's foldable Galaxy smartphone to be launched by 2018

Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone

While this copycat case may not land in courts like the previous copyright infringements both by Samsung and Apple, a foldable Samsung Galaxy X and iPhone would surely usher in a new smartphone revolution. Already, Samsung is set to make millions by supplying the bezel-less OLED screen which it is supplying to Apple.

The idea of a foldable phone isn’t new. In fact, Samsung has been working on foldable smartphone tech since 2011 when the company showed off a prototype of a precursor to Samsung Galaxy X. The device looked chunky and awkward, but even back then it somewhat worked, remaining intact after 100,000 folds, with only a 6% drop in brightness at the center, where all the folding action happened.

We sure are in for a pocket wallet like smartphone era from 2018 onwards!!!


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