Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for using his image in bitcoin giveaway scams


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for allowing his images to be used in cryptocurrency scam ads

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is leading a lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company Google, accusing the search giant of allowing the spread of a scam that has fleeced Bitcoin investors by using Wozniak’s image to convince them to send cryptocurrency to online crooks.

Wozniak and 17 other plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against YouTube on Tuesday seeking punitive damages, a trial by jury. The lawsuit also demanded that Google and YouTube remove all bitcoin giveaway scams that used Wozniak’s name and likeness from its platform.

The lawsuit draws dissimilarities between YouTube and Twitter. The lawsuit says that Twitter acted “swiftly and decisively” to shut down malicious accounts tweeting such scams to “protect its users from the scam.” It blames Google and YouTube for failing to act similarly.

Last week Twitter accounts of verified celebrities were hacked in a coordinated cyberattack. The hackers than proceed to tweet about bitcoin giveaway to which many unsuspecting victims fell prey. Twitter immediately suspended the verified accounts and launched an investigation into the hack attack.

“In stark contrast, for months now, Defendant YOUTUBE has been unapologetically hosting, promoting, and directly profiting from similar scams,” the suit said.

Wozniak is not the only one suing YouTube for such ads. In a similar case hearing last week. YouTube defended itself in a similar case by saying it was immune from liability under provisions of the federal Communications Decency Act. The 1996 law says that internet providers cannot be held liable for content posted on their platforms by users.


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