Apple app store rules make Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia to stay Android-only


Apple app store rules make Cloud Gaming services like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia to stay Android-only

Every one of you has experienced the evolution of gaming in the current era, the companies have provided the best updates and performance to give it a real touch. Meanwhile, the tech giants like Google and Microsoft have introduced a cloud gaming concept that runs games on remote servers and streams them directly to a user’s device, or more colloquially, playing a game remotely from a cloud.

Now Google and Microsoft have started to test its Stadia and xCloud cloud gaming services on Android but when it comes to iOS. Apple blocks them to publish the services on its App store because of its rules. Apple spokesperson has confirmed that not only Microsoft xCloud but Google’s Stadia and other game streaming platform won’t be available on iOS because the company can’t review each individual game.

“The App Store was created to be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for all developers. Before they go on our store, all apps are reviewed against the same set of guidelines that are intended to protect customers and provide a fair and level playing field to developers.”

Apple spokeperson said Business Insider

The Apple spokeperson stated that Microsoft is not submitting each game on its streaming service for Apple to review, which makes us difficult to review each and every game and make it available. This is the reason why Microsoft announced that it is terminating the testing of its app on iOS.

Now, a post from The Verge cites a Microsoft spokesperson explaining why the company cannot bring the game streaming service to iOS devices. The spokesperson reportedly said that Apple was the only one to deny consumers of cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass.

The Microsoft spokesperson added that Apple “consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to non-gaming apps even when they include interactive content.” However, it was also learned that the company is still working to make a way to bring cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to the iOS platform.

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