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The world has already gone social. Without social presence, businesses can’t succeed. It isn’t just about businesses, the social life of a normal person is also crucial. Most social users dream about getting thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. They want their shared content to be liked and shared by millions just like the content of celebrities gets attention. If you are a dreamer like this, then Apental Calc Android app is for you. This is a free app for you that makes your dream true by getting hundreds of free likes on your shared content on Facebook.

Remember that Apental Calc can get likes on your public content only. If you have shared some private content, i.e. if you have set the privacy of your photos in a way that they are viewable for your friends only, then Apental Calc isn’t going to get likes for you. To solve this issue, you will have to either boost only public photos or adjust the privacy settings of your photos so the content will become visible publicly.

Although this free app gets you a lot of likes and makes your content appear to be viral, always remember that the likes brought on your content by the app aren’t real in most cases. Apental Calc uses its bots to like your content. Don’t worry, still, the app will make your presence just like a celebrity. If you really serious about true followers, then make more friends, the real ones, and share the content that really deserves to be liked and shared. But for a quick boost of a post and get more likes on it, Apental Calc is your friend and you can make use of it.

Is Apental Calc Secure?

Many Facebook users would ask either Apental Calc has any potential risks regarding your Facebook profile or not. So the answer is NO! There aren’t any risks using the app to get more likes. As it only requires the public URLs of your Facebook posts, so the app doesn’t get access to your Facebook profile. It can’t modify your content, like, your posts, your profile settings or any other content that requires the authentication of the user. If you have doubts about your Facebook profile’s security, then you should know that this just has the public access. Go ahead, download the app and use it to get more likes. Impress your friends. They will consider you a celebrity! But be smart, don’t let them know that you are using Apental Calc to boost the Facebook likes on your shared content 😉

Once you will download this free app, your worries regarding your social presence should be gone. Now your socially viral friends’ statuses will not make you jealous anymore as you will be getting likes, comments, and shares as well and the interesting thing is that you will get all this for free!

Does this Violate Facebook TOS?

Bots like this have been the enemy of online platforms since the birth of the web. Facebook, as well as any other online platform, will never encourage its users to overload their servers for no gain. Facebook requires the real visitors. At the end, they are doing their business and they will never like the bots who are going to just consume their resources without returning any financial value. So when we will see Apental Calc like this, then, of course, Facebook isn’t going to encourage it. But did you notice that you are going to promote your social content through its public URLs? So just relax. You aren’t violating any TOS of Facebook. Just go ahead, download Apental Calc APK file, install it on your phone and start getting bulk likes, shares, and comments! The free download link of the app is given below. In case you face any issues with the download link, just let us know in comments.

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