Android Smartphone Flashing Tutorial: Moto X


How to flash/root Moto X Android smartphone

Motorola Android smartphone company launched its first flagship phone, Moto X. As the current situation of Android smartphone market, Moto X is outdated as it was launched in 2013. Nothing to worry about Moto X users, you can customize your Moto X as you want by flashing/rooting your Moto X Android smartphone.

In this article, we will guide you how to flash/root your Android smartphone Moto X. Moto X will look the way you want after flashing/rooting it in a proper way.

Note: Flashing/rooting your Android smartphone voids warranty and not following the flashing/rooting procedure properly may brick your Moto X Android smartphone.

Guide for flashing/rooting Moto X

Method  – RSD Lite

I assume you already have ADB drivers if you’re even here…..otherwise get them from the latest SDK here:
Moto Drivers (Motorola Device Manager): https://motorola-global-portal.custh…ail/a_id/88481
RSD Lite (I used version 6.1.5):… – Extract and use 6.1.5
Stock Firmware: thanks to Skrilax_CZ and Firmware Team



Step One – Download and install RSD Lite. Version 6.1.5

Step Two – Download and install “Motorola Device Manager”.

Step Three – Download and install the proper firmware for your device.

NOTE: You must choose the right firmware for your device or you will FUBAR your phone…..not my responsibility.

Step Four – Unzip your firmware zip file, open it up through the layers and find the file “VZW_XT1060_4.2.2-13.9.0Q2.X-116-MX-17-53_CFC_1FF” or whatever version/carrier/build number file yours is XML Document file. Right click -> Open with.. -> Notepad/word editor/XML Editor/Wordpad and find the line:
<step operation=”getvar” var=”max-download-size” />

^^^You need to select this entire line and just delete it out of the file. This is the line that gives a fastboot flash error. Select it, delete it, then resave the file an exit out of it. Done.

NOTE: This is required or the firmware flash will immediately fail to give a “failed flashing process. Unknown fastboot command. (getvar)”

-For the sake of security, and not messing with important files, I’d actually recommend zipping the file back up after this and keeping as your final version (once you’ve confirmed yours works correctly)

Step Five – Plug in phone, enable USB debugging, then “adb reboot bootloader” – this will boot you into fastboot mode so RSD will recognize your phone

Step Six-Run RSD Lite – note that some people have had trouble and have to right-click run as administrator. In RSD Lite, make sure phone shows up in slot 1 – mine shows up, under Model, just says fastboot, USB port type, info N/A, the important part is that it shows as Connected in status. Select the three-dot browse file button, then you can go down into the unzipped file you created of the XML folder, and select the XML file that we just edited earlier (or select the rezipped package). Select open and flash. (or decompress and flash)

Step Seven – You have successfully flashed/rooted your Moto X.


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