Android Smartphone Flashing tutorial: How to Flash Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3


How to flash/root Xiaomi’s (MIUI device) Redmi Note 3

Android Smartphone model Redmi Note 3(MIUI device) launched in November 2015 priced $162(Rs.10550) is pretty good with features, price, looks, durability. Redmi launched Best budget Android smartphone(Redmi Note 3). Have you been bored using same UI, Features, Permissions, etc? finding your device slow and restricting is disgusting. So with an Android smartphone with flash/root will be good. Want to Flash your Redmi Note 3? This will increase customization features of an Android smartphone. Flashing your Redmi Note 3 will give you benefits of upgrading to the latest Android versions, UI’s and better customization. Below is a proper guide for Flashing your Redmi Note 3.

In this article, we are going to teach you to flash Xiaomi’s flagship device – the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Redmi Note 3 has been a hugely successful Android smartphone for Xiaomi especially in India and China and millions of Redmi Note 3 users can now customise their smartphones the way they like using this tutorial.

Note: Flashing/rooting your Android smartphone voids warranty and not following the flashing/rooting procedure properly may brick your Redmi Note 3 Android smartphone.

Important: – Before flashing it is advised to take the backup of data and make sure that your phone battery is charged enough.


  • VCOM Driver
  • SP Flash Tool
  • Fastboot ROM
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Xiaomi USB cable

The ROM links below are of Fastboot Rom. Recovery ROM will not work.If you have already downloaded Fastboot ROM no need to Download again.
(File Extension with.Zip file is Recovery ROM, .tgz or .tar file is Fastboot ROM)

Download latest ROM from here
If the link does not work, Put Letter “o” not Zero before the Link address.


Follow above steps for Flashing

Step 1: Download and install VCOM Driver MTK v1.0.14.exe. (17.57 MB, Downloads: 122742)

Step 2: Power off your Redmi Note 3 (make sure it has at least 60% battery)

Step 3: Download Fastboot ROM from above Link and extract it into your PC (Use Winrar Software to extract).
(Please check if the file suffix is ‘.tgz’. Please rename it to ‘.tgz’ if the suffix is ‘.gz or .tar’)

Step 4: Download and extract SP Flash Tools on your PC. SP_Tools_v5.1516.00 (Use this tool only)

NOTE: If you get Language of SP Tools as Chinese, Follow this to change to English, Locate the “option.ini” file in SP Flash Tools folder and Change the value “CurrentLang” to “0”.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3 How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 5: Inside SP Tools Folder, Right click on Flash_tool.exe and click “Run as administrator”.

Step 6: launch SP Flash Tool and ensure Download agent is as given below:

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 7: Locate the Scatter file named “MT6795_Android_scatter.txt” which is inside Images Folder of the ROM and copy it to the signed_bin folder.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 8: Make sure you are under the tab “download” Mode! and Download agent is DA_SWSEC.bin.

Note:- Use “Download Only” option, Don’t use any other option here, It will erase IMEI NO, MAC Address.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 9: Select the Scatter File from signed_bin folder and Path will be loaded Automatically.
Note:- Choose Scatter File from signed_bin folder only. Check Below Images for details.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

When Scatter file from Images folder is chosen, You need to use choose Scatter File from Signed_bin Folder.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 10: Turn off your Phone, Now click on the “download” button on SP Tools, Now Press and Hold the volume down key of your phone (Keep it pressed until Progress goes Yellow) and Plug USB cable to your phone(Don’t keep it plugged or Plug before pressing Download Button). The computer will detect your device and progress bar starts moving!.
You can release Volume Down key when Progress turns Yellow.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3

Step 11: A big green tick will appear when flashing progress is finish.

How to root (MIUI) Redmi Note 3


For those who got their devices Fully Hard Brick after successful flash
Just Follow the Below: – Use SP Tool V5.1516(Extract again the Zip, Re-Install the drivers) Hold Both Vol Down + Power button then plug the USB cable(Same as in the main guide). The progress bar turned yellow and flash will be completed.Turned on the device, It will take some time waiting for it.

Read the guide carefully before replying to thread for any issue, Don’t miss any step.
Thanks to all for feedback.


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