Android 11 launch comes a step closer as Google releases Android 11 Beta 3


Android 11 public release is just a step away as Google releases Android 11 Beta 3

Android developers have been working very hard to provide users with the best features and updates. Google has now released the Android 11 Beta 3 update which means the next update will be the public release of Android 11. If everything falls in the right place, the company would release the public Android 11 update in early September.

It’s already August and the official Android 11 release is coming very soon! As we put the finishing touches on the new platform, today we’re bringing you Beta 3, our last update in this year’s preview cycle.

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, Google

As this is the last beta update there are very few changes and updates published. One of them is the Exposure Notifications System on Android 11, the feature will be used for contact tracing apps that can now run without enabling the device’s location settings. However, the Exposure Notifications System was created in such a way that, even with access to location services, it can’t use Bluetooth scanning to infer your location.

With Android 11 beta 3 the developers have deployed three changes to the media player in Quick Settings. A small tweak adds a divider between the fully expanded toggles grid and the audio notification, while you can now swipe away media alerts. When QS is fully expanded, swiping leads to the following preference.

The next change introduces a “Hide player when the media session has ended” option, which is also available from Settings > Sound > Media. Google notes how “the player allows you to resume a session from the expanded Quick Settings panel.

Android 11 Beta 3 also includes the Android 11 logo a “Cat” emoji that will appear at the bottom. This activates the Android 11 Easter Egg. Hold down on the power button to access Device controls and tap the overflow menu to “Add controls.”

These are the changes spotted until now in the update Android 11 Beta 3. To stay updated on further updates on Android 11 release and updates, then subscribe to our newsletter from here.


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