Android 10 bug causes smartphones to just freeze and become unresponsive


New Android 10 (Android 10 Pie) Bug Makes Screen Unresponsive and Freeze; Google Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi smartphones are worst affected

If you are using a Google Pixel, OnePlus or Xiaomi Android smartphone running on Android 10, you may have noticed that your smartphone goes into certain bouts of freezing. The smartphone’s screen suddenly becomes immobilized and unresponsive. The issue affects the flagship smartphones from Google, Xiaomi, and OnePlus more than other smartphones running on Android 10, though there are reports about other smartphones freezing as well.

Artem Russakovskii of Android Police says the issue is with Android operating system stability. The screen freeze issue seems to have cropped up after Google released the April 2020 security patch for Android smartphones. Whichsoever manufacturer had issued the above patch for their smartphones has made their smartphone buggy. Google is yet to take cognizance of the bug as it started showing just a week ago.

Artem tweeted about the bug in his Google Pixel 4 and the responses show that many other smartphones are affected. My own Samsung Galaxy S10 was unresponsive the other night but I didn’t pay attention as locking the S10 and unlocking it cleared the issue.

The issue affects smartphones running on Android 10 (Pie) however, Artem confirmed that his Pixel 4 running on the new Android 11 Preview version was buggy as well. So far, older Android version users have not reported any unresponsive screen issues.

What is known is that the Android operating system’s stability bug triggers some sort of freeze which makes the entire screen you are on at that point of time, unresponsive. The Android 10 smartphone UI is stuck in one place and becomes unresponsive. I locked the S10 for few seconds and unlocked it. That seems to have cured the stability issues.

While Artem points to Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter Apps among the ones causing the unresponsive behavior, other users found Chrome as well as other Apps unresponsive. Google has been notified and it is yet to issue a statement.




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