Andheri ICSE school horror: class 10 student reportedly hacked into class 9 online class and posted obscene content


A class 10 student reportedly logged into a class 9 online class of an Andheri ICSE School and posted obscene content

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the worst in us. We already had hackers zoombombing into Zoom video conferences and harassing the participants with obscene images, messages, and racist slurs but these were grown-up men and women. Now we have children indulging in sadist pranks.

A class 10 student of a renowned ICSE School in Andheri, Mumbai allegedly hacked into the online classes being conducted for Class 9 students. The student then proceeded to post obscene messages during the ongoing e-Class. The images were so lurid that the teacher conducting the online class immediately shut it off.  “During the online class, a student passed an obscene comment on another student. Later, It was that found he was a class 10 student and not of class 9 which was having the online class. The student claimed someone created a user ID on his name. We believed the student was lying and told him that we will complain to cyber police. But we found out he was attending his online class at the same time,” said a teacher from Andheri school.

After the coronavirus pandemic caused a great many deaths and hospitalizations, the governments all over the world had announced lockdowns. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many schools, colleges, and universities decided to hold online classes so that the syllabus could be completed and students don’t wander off doing unnecessary things.

However, this is what is exactly happening, and happening with great regularity. Another student did a similar thing at another school. In a separate school, an unidentified person hacked into an e-class and shared obscene messages. The school completely stopped taking online classes after this horrifying incident. “My son sent the link and password the previous night for each subject. However, unidentified persons were able to log in too. They posted obscene videos and used bad language during the online session. This continued for a few days,” the report quoted a parent as saying.

To stop such incidents, a parent of a student said that teachers have now started taking attendance once the e-classes start. This makes sure that unwanted students or snoopers don’t attend the classes. However, the schools and authorities must do more to protect our children and shield them from such vulgarity. Surely we don’t want our sons and daughters to be confronted with such messages or images while studying.


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