An European bank was hit by a massive DDoS attack of 809 MPPS (million packets per second)


Akamai mitigated one of the most ferocious 10-min DDoS attacks on a European bank which sent 1byte data packet at 809 million packets per second

Akamai on Thursday revealed that it mitigated a ferocious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which peaked at 809 MPPS (million packets per second). The attack was made on a European bank with a single point goal to overwhelm and take it down but thanks to Akamai, the attack was unsuccessful.

We had explained how DDoS attacks work here and described nearly 25 types of DDoS attacks here. Only last week, Amazon’s AWS was able to detect a whopping 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack on one of its servers. This attack pales in size at it peaked at only 418 Gbps but the depth of the attack is too overwhelming. The cybercriminals who intended to bring down the European bank sent a record 809 million packets of data per second for a brief 10 minutes. The attack vector was UDP on port 80.

There are three ways to measure a DDoS attack, bits per second (BPS), packets per second (PPS), or requests per second (RPS). While the record AWS DDoS attack peaked at sending 2.4 terabits per second, this one takes the cake for sending 809 million packets per second in the PPS category.

This attack happened on 21st June and was mitigated by the Akamai DDoS defense software. “It was highly unusual that 96.2% of source IPs were observed for the first time (or at a minimum, were not being tracked as being part of attacks in recent history). In this case, most of the source IPs could be identified within large internet service providers via autonomous system (AS) lookups, which is indicative of compromised end-user machines,” the company stated in a blogpost.

Though Akamai didn’t name the source of the DDoS attack, this particular attack seems to the work of a new botnet working out of Eastern Europe because the target was to take down Europe’s largest bank. However not much is known about either the DDoS attack nor this botnet at present.


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