Amazon UK says that PlayStation 5 console listing for £599.99 ($760) was an error


Amazon UK had listed Sony’s PlayStation 5 gaming console for £599.99 ($760), now Amazon says it was an error

The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is in the news for something that happened on Amazon UK’s website. Ever since Sony announced that it will launch the PS5 gaming console during an online event today, the techies and gamers were speculating about the price for the swanky gaming console. It came as surprise to many gamers when the Amazon UK listed the 1TB PlayStation 5 gaming console would retail for just £599.99 or $760. Every tech news website and gaming portal carried the news that the new Sony PlayStation would be available at this jaw-dropping price.  But it seems they were all wrong.

Amazon UK says that the pricing was listed by mistake. Speaking with IGN, a spokesperson for Amazon UK confirmed “This was an error”, saying it “was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price”.

The fun games began when a supposed PlayStation 5 console listing has been spotted on Amazon UK, and apparently, someone on hotukdeals was able to push through and place an order. The dude placed an order for PS5 2TB model at £599 or roughly $760 and posted an image online.

Amazon UK had listed Sony's PlayStation 5 gaming console for £599.99 ($760), now Amazon says it was an error

Amazon UK further added to the suspense by deleting the listing without any explanation. Previously Sony confirmed that PlayStation 5 will come with 825GB storage so the $760 listing looked ludicrous.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 event will be streamed starting at 8 PM UTC where we’ll hopefully get more details about the gaming console’s pricing and availability.


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