Amazon Machine Learning University opens it doors to general public


Amazon’s Machine Learning University to start offering online courses to students from January 2021

It is believed that artificial intelligence and machine learning is future tech. Global players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook have their own in-house A.I/machine learning classes. These classes are used to train their employees in machine learning and neural networks but rarely does one see an outsider being allowed. Now the eCommerce firm has decided to open the doors of its Amazon Machine Learning University to the general public.

Amazon on Wednesday, announced that the general public can apply for machine learning courses at the Amazon MLU. Amazon had started the machine learning classes to train its employees. On the blog post, Amazon said that it believes that machine learning has the potential to transform businesses in all industries. It stated that the demand for machine learning experts outstrips the supply of talent and their opening up will help resolve the human resource scarcity in machine learning a little. The AMLU will offer aspirants courses to pursue the following career paths:

  • Executive – business decision maker
  • Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Platform Engineer

The Amazon Machine Learning University (MLU) was founded with an aim to meet this demand in 2016. It is designed for engineering students to hone their machine learning skills and keep up with the frantic pace of neural network development.

The newly opened up online courses will be taught by Amazon AI pros. Amazon has launched three accelerated online courses that are now available to students. The company says it will expand the faculty and increase the number of courses to nine. Beginning in 2021, all MLU classes will be available via on-demand video, along with associated coding materials.

The three courses announced by Amazon will cover topics such as natural language processing (the machine understanding of human language), computer vision (the machine understanding of images and video), and tabular data (machine learning associated with spreadsheet-like tables).

MLU classes are taught by Amazon scientists, and some courseware incorporates a textbook, Dive into Deep Learning, written by Amazon scientists Aston ZhangMu LiZachary Lipton, and Alex Smola.

You can read more about the course materials and certifications at AWS Machine Learning Training Site. 


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