Amazon and MPA ask GitHub to suspend the Kodi add-on’s developer account.


Amazon and MPA want GitHub to delete the account of a developer who developed Kodi Add-ons

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

However, Amazon, MPA, and MPA-Canada have filed a request with Github requesting that a Kodi add-on developer’s account be deleted from the platform. The companies have also filed a copyright case and a permanent injunction handed down by Canada’s Federal Court.

Kodi software is entirely legal but when it is used with third-party add-ons, it turns into a piracy powerhouse. As a result, the developers of Kodi are legally in the clear but the same cannot be said for the developers of the countless add-ons designed for the express purpose of finding, accessing, and delivering infringing content.

The MPA and like-minded companies are in a constant battle to disrupt their activities, sometimes ending up in court to achieve those goals.

In February 2018, Mr. Blamo(developer) revealed that he, in common with several of his counterparts, had been threatened by content companies. From there the trail went cold but according to a complaint filed against Github this week, legal action in Canada followed.

On September 7, 2018, a dozen companies including the studios of the MPA/MPA-Canada plus Amazon and Netflix launched a copyright infringement lawsuit at Canada’s Federal Court against an individual “doing business” as Mr. Blamo.

“In the context of that action, our clients alleged that [Blamo] notably developed, hosted, promoted and distributed infringing add-ons for the Kodi media center, which provided unauthorized access to motion pictures and television content for which the copyright is owned by our clients,” the MPA writes.

“The permanent injunction enjoins and restrains [Blamo] from, inter alia, hosting, distributing or promoting infringing Kodi add-ons and their repositories, including notably the ‘Blamo’ repository and the ‘Chocolate Salty Balls’ infringing add-ons,” the MPA adds.

Blamo has a Github account where it is claimed he continues to “host and distribute infringing Kodi add-ons and their repository, including notably the Chocolate Salty Balls infringing add-on and the Blamo repository.” This, the MPA says, amounts to contempt of court.

“We request that GitHub, Inc. (‘GitHub’) suspend the account (the ‘Account’). The Account is used by its operator to engage in ongoing acts of copyright infringement in contravention of an Order of the Federal Court (Canada) issued on January 15, 2019, which amounts to contempt of Court by the Account’s operator,” the MPA’s complaint reads.

“We, therefore, request that GitHub immediately suspends the Account to preserve our clients’ rights and ensure that the letter and spirit of the Final Judgment of the Federal Court are respected,” added MPA’s complaint

However, it has deleted the first two URLs listed in the MPA’s complaint, URLs that contained the content specifically covered by the injunction handed down by the Federal Court in Canada. Moreover, GitHub is yet to take action against the company.


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