Alternatives of 59 Chinese apps that are banned by India


Alternatives of 59 Chinese apps that are banned by the Indian Government after the request of Indian intelligence agencies

The Indian government has now finally imposed a ban over 59 Chinese apps that were being used by the Indian Citizens on a large scale. According to the National Security Council with further plans to assess the risk associated with each app. A potential concern is that the apps not just leak data, but might also be used to degrade network conditions in case of conflict.

Rising border tensions with China, coronavirus pandemic, and friction with TikTok’s indifferent content policy has lead many Indian’s to question China’s intentions about India. They have voiced concerns about Chinese goods and Apps like TikTok corrupting Indian ethics. Most Indians squarely blame China for spreading the coronavirus epidemic with active help from the World Health Organisation. By the time don’t forget to read #BoycottChineseProducts: App to ‘Remove China Apps’ from Android smartphones

However, all 59 Chinese apps are still available for download on the Google play store, it is not yet known how the Indian government will go further with the ban. But as soon as the apps get a technical ban, users will start finding their alternatives. Well, why wait for it? in this article we are going to link all the Chinese apps banned by the Indian government so that it becomes easier for you to uninstall them, along with this we will also mention its alternatives that are not made in China or developed by Chinese developers.

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Below is the list of all 59 apps that Indian government banned with their alternatives:

  1. TikTok – alternative: Chingari, DubsmashMitron (though this is claimed to be Pakistani TikTik clone it is now owned by an Indian developer)
  2. SHAREit – alternative: JioSwitch (Special feature No ads)
  3. Kwai – alternative: Google camera
  4. UC Browser – alternative: Google Chrome
  5. Baidu Map – alternative: Google Maps
  6. SHEIN – alternative: FlipkartAmazon
  7. Clash of Kings – alternative: Clash of ClansClash Royale (Both are made by Supercell(Finland))
  8. DU Battery Saver – alternative: GSam Battery Monitor
  9. Helo – alternative: InstagramFacebook
  10. LIKE – alternative: InstagramFacebook
  11. YouCam Makeup – alternative: Adobe Capture
  12. Mi Community – alternative: You don’t need an alternative for Mi community as it is only for Mi users
  13. Browser – alternative: Google Chrome
  14. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab) – alternative: Malwarebytes SecurityAVG Antivirus
  15. APUS Browser – alternative: Google Chrome
  16. ROMWE – alternative: FlipkartAmazon
  17. ClubFactory – alternative: FlipkartAmazon
  18. NewsDog – alternative: Google News
  19. BeautyPlus – alternative: Photoshop
  20. WeChat – alternative: WhatsAppFacebook messenger
  21. UC News – alternative: Google News also you can subscribe to our channel on Google news
  22. QQ Mail – alternative: GmailEmail
  23. Weibo – alternative: Twitter
  24. Xender – alternative: JioSwitch (Special feature No ads)
  25. QQ Music – alternative: Google Play MusicSpotify
  26. QQ NewsFeed – alternative: Google News
  27. Bigo Live – alternative: InstagramFacebook
  28. SelfieCity – alternative: Google camera
  29. Mail Master – alternative: GmailEmail
  30. Parallel Space – alternative: Dr. Clone
  31. Mi Video call-Xiaomi – alternative: Google DuoGoogle MeetZOOMMicrosoft Teams
  32. WeSync – alternative: Sync
  33. ES File Explorer – alternative: Files by Google
  34. VivaVideo- QU Video Inc – alternative: Abobe Premier
  35. Meitu – alternative: Photoshop
  36. Vigo Video – alternative: ChingariDubsmashMitron
  37. New VidStatus – alternative: ChingariDubsmashMitron
  38. DU recorder – alternative: Lollipop screen recorder
  39. Vault-Hide – alternative: Files by Google
  40. DU Cleaner – alternative: Files by Google
  41. DU apps studio – alternative: Files by Google
  42. DU Browser – alternative: Google Chrome
  43. Hago Play With New Friends – No need of an alternative for the games like these just uninstall
  44. Cam Scanner – alternative: Adobe Scan
  45. Clean Master – Cheetah – alternative:  Files by Google
  46. Wonder Camera – alternative: Google Camera 
  47. Photo Wonder – alternative: Photoshop
  48. QQ Player – alternative: MX player
  49. We Meet – alternative: Google DuoGoogle MeetZOOMMicrosoft Teams
  50. Sweet Selfie – alternative: Google Camera 
  51. Baidu Translate – alternative: Google Translate
  52. Vmate – alternative: ChingariDubsmashMitron
  53. QQ International – No need of an alternative just uninstall
  54. QQ Security Centre – alternative: Malwarebytes SecurityAVG Antivirus
  55. QQ Launcher – alternative: Microsoft launcherNOVA launcher
  56. U Video Inc – alternative: Abobe Premier
  57. V fly Status Video – alternative: ChingariDubsmashMitron
  58. Mobile Legends – alternative: COD Mobile
  59. DU Privacy – alternative: Files by Google

All the above Chinese apps are linked with the Google play store so you can easily uninstall them, the alternatives have been linked as well so that you don’t need to find them. We have listed the most used alternatives so if we miss out on anything please mention them in the comment section below. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned at Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here


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