Aftereffects of Corona Virus: People can see Stars, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower et al due to less pollution


Distant Stars, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower is what Indians can ‘See’ from their homes due to decreased Pollution level

Being stuck in a forced situation makes people do emotional things. Some respond with positive vibes while others use humor to convey their displeasure. This is what is happening in India right now. Due to the Chinese imported Corona Virus, nearly 1.5 billion Indians have been forced into a lockdown which means they cant go to work, eat outside, visit their friends and relatives or pretty much do anything other than sitting at home and rediscover their family.

Another positive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is that due to decreased human activity, the pollution levels are down in India. With nearly 2 weeks of the total 21-day lockdown over, automobiles and industrial work shut down has caused pollution levels across India to witness a drastic fall. The immediately fallout was felt by the New Delhi citizen who have been witnessing a AQI of 500 plus, are now astounded by the lowly AQI in the city.

This has also allowed people living in Shimla, Jhalandar etc to see the mountain ranges in their full eternal glory. However, like any incident the decreasing pollution levels were also the subject of memes. A recent trend, started sarcastically, features people uploading morphed or fake photos of all the things they can “see” from their homes now that pollution is lower than it has ever been.

Here are some examples of what people could ‘see’ now that pollution levels were down. A twitter user, ClawedHumor could see the distant Saturn and other planets in the night sky from his backyard.

This user could see the Pakistani city of Karachi from his terrace, while the below user could see Eiffel Tower from her terrace.

While this user saw Burj Khalifa from his apartment in Noida.


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