After ‘Bois Locker Room’ new leaks reveal a similar group by schoolgirls called “For Hot Guy Memes


Girls Locker Room: New leaks show leaked chats of Delhi School girls discussing boys and girls from their class!

Its raining data leaks in New Delhi. Yesterday we had the data leak of Instagram chat group of Delhi schoolboys discussing their sexual fantasies in a chat group and ranking their fellow school girls on a scale on 1 to 10 based on their bodies. Today a twitter user who fights for male rights Deepika Bharadwaj tweeted data leak of images of schoolgirls chat group of New Delhi discussing male anatomy in a group called For Hot Guy Memes.

Girls Locker Room aka For Hot Guy Memes

The leaked images show a group made up of School Girls from a New Delhi called For Hot Guy Memes. The leaks show the chats and images shared by this group. The school girls seem to have aced the Bois Locker Room by not only sharing explicit images of boys but also discussing their fellow school girls. In one leaked image, a girl even claimed a boy to be gay because he refused her advances 5 times. While another girl called four of her school mates gay because they didn’t follow her on Instagram.

(Pls use discretion to watch the images; may contain explicit images/language/expletives)

Girls Locker Room aka For Hot Guy Memes

They discussed the anatomy of their school and batch mates with ease and that too using colloquial and slang language.

Girls Locker Room aka For Hot Guy Memes

Here is another image containing profane language

Girls Locker Room aka For Hot Guy Memes

From the leaked images, it seems that the girl who outed the Bois Locker Room images is very much part of this For Hot Guy Memes Chat group and a very active and vocal member. The schoolgirls are not kind to their fellow girl mates either. Instead of ranking them as the Bois Locker Room chat did, the schoolgirls make fun of their bodies.

Bois Locker Room v/s Girls Locker Room

Yesterday after the Bois Locker Room chat was leaked, feminists and women’s rights groups protested saying that the boys were indulging in toxic masculinity and misogyny. We had argued that this is part of a larger problem. The problem is of failure by parents and schools to inculcate good values into our school kids, boys, and girls alike.

Instead of blaming the boys or the girls, we think it is just a part of the larger problem of the failed school system and bad parenting. What do you think?


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