Activision servers hacked, over 500,000 Call of Duty player accounts hacked


Unknown hackers breach into Activision servers and leak player data, emails, passwords of 500,000 Call of Duty gamers

Unknown hackers breached into Call of Duty developer, Activision’s servers. The hackers gained access to a massive database consisting of 500,000 gamers including Call of Duty players. According to reports hackers have access gamer’s personal information, usernames, emails, and passwords. The data breach was first reported by Dexerto which said that hackers have publicly leaked the player data of Call of Duty gamers and others.

Cybercriminals and hackers are now using these publicly leaked details to log in and change passwords thus preventing the actual users from being able to access or recover their Activision accounts. The first sighting of the leaked Call of Duty players database was reported by “oRemyy” who tweeted about the incident, although eventually other users and members of the gaming community and websites like Prototype Warehouse, Okami, and TheGamingRevolution confirmed the reports. Another gamer, Okami tweeted that the leaked database contained user information of nearly half a million gamers.

Readers should note that Activision accounts are used by gamers for various Call of Duty (CoD) titles, including Call of Duty Warzone, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty Mobile. If you play any of these games, your user id and password are at risk and it is suggested that you should immediately change your password.

Activision on the other hand has denied any data breach or hack attack on its servers. Activision issued a statement today which states as follows:

“Activision Call of Duty accounts have not been compromised. Reports suggesting otherwise are not accurate. We investigate all privacy concerns. As always we recommend that players take precautions to protect their accounts at all times. Please visit our player support page for further information, including a helpful set of tips and step-by-step instructions.”

Those instructions can be found here.


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