About Us


We at Android Rookies are obsessed with Android, technology, cybersecurity, privacy, and cyber attacks, in fact, we eat, sleep and shit technology (no offense) and technology fires our ultimate goal to help create a better world.

Since 2010, Android Rookies has been providing users with the latest news and happenings in the tech and Android world. Our rooting tutorials are considered the best and we offer APKs which are checked and double-checked for malware and trojans. Our news updates are backed with reliable and independent sources. We don’t rely on fake news websites like the mainstream media. We get our cybersecurity reports directly from the sources (hackers and DDoS).

We try to provide a balanced reportage of everything in the world of technology, Android, iPhone, and cybersecurity. We hope to be a catalyst for a better world where everyone is empowered, everyone owns a smartphone and has his/her own opinion about the world. We want a utopian world full of happiness and technology.

We are a team of dedicated reporters who hunt round the clock for important breaking news and data that can either help you or harm you, but bring it your way, so that you can prepare yourself. Our reporters scour the upper world as the dark underground websites for information that can enrich you and make an informed decision.

We are ever-expanding so if you feel you are the chosen one to be part of us, you have that knack in you to hold the attention of our dynamic readers, create subtle headlines with not so subtle opinions (you will get brickbats for that, we do!) you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

Our Team :-

  • Vijay, Founder and purse keeper
  • Darshan Savla, Chief Editor and Social Media Promoter and chief spammer
  • Omar Shariff, Author, geek and just in his half pants Android fan
  • Pankaj Sharma, Programmer, IoT Expert, WordPress Expert, technical troubleshooter
  • Rajaram Meena, Author, rooter, and flasher who can’t root his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Steve Mathison, Author, mate from down under
  • Bob Chekovsky, Author, and resident Android expert
  • Ben, Author, and researcher
  • Lena Mars, Author, pro-privacy and freedom of speech activist
  • Jagruti, Author, security researcher, story hunter
  • Aaditya, YouTuber
  • Aaryan, Author, and Asst. treasure hunter
  • Prayag Verma, Resident coding expert (he messes the code every time!)
  • Rehmat, our hosting, WP, cloud, CDN and what not expert
  • Rehan, Author, Cloud computing, and Raspberry Pi expert
  • Elif Nadav, Author, Internet of Things expert
  • Lauren Milo, Author, Android fangirl

We don’t accept guest posts but sponsored posts are always welcome 🙂 Message [email protected] for further information about sponsored posts.