A Woman dies after being spat on by a Coronavirus infected person


A Coronavirus (COVID-19) infected person spits on a woman, COVID-19 kills her

The current situation of CoronaVirus (COVID-19) has forced countries all over the globe to implement nationwide lock-down. The current depressing CoronaVirus pandemic has brought out good and worse out of humanity. We have people going out of their way to help stranded and poor people with food and blankets. Some good samaritans like film producer Manish Mundra are sending free PPE (Personal protective equipment) kits to doctors and nurses across India. While others are making sure the ex-pat and migrant population don’t suffer due to lockdown.

At the same time, we have religious fanatics gathering disregarding government orders and epidemic conditions, people infected with COVID-19 spitting on doctors and nurses, and cases of quarantine victims running away further spreading disease.

But what happened in London is worse, A women named Belly Mujinga leaves for her work at Victoria Station in London on March 22nd. The 47-year-old sold train tickets when a man apparently infected with the coronavirus spits in her face.

The man told her immediately after the attack that he had contracted the virus . A few days after the attack , Belly Mujinga feels bad, the 47-year-old is tested positive for the virus. A colleague from Mujinga was apparently infected with the coronavirus by the man.

The British transport union TSSA explained

After a week on 2nd, April the 47-year old was hospitalized and had to be artificially ventilated. Three days later the mother of an eleven-year-old daughter died in a hospital in London.

Her cousin Agnes and a colleague who witnessed the incident said Mujinga had pleaded against working outside the protection of the ticket office without PPE.

She shouldn’t have been sent out without any PPE. We want justice for Belly. They need to find the person who did it. And the company should compensate the family; her daughter doesn’t have a mother any more. They should protect those who are left.

Agnes said

According to the British transport union TSSA, only 10 people were allowed to attend Belly Mujinga’s funeral.

The British transport police have filed the complaint and started the investigation to find out the identity of the attacker.

Inquiries are ongoing and anyone who has any information is asked to contac BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 and quoting reference 359 of 11/05/20.

British Transport Police (BTP)

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