A hackers complete toolkit


The hacking toolkit that every hacker should own

Hacking invokes mystique and secrecy. When you hear the word hacker, you imagine a guy/girl sitting behind a computer dressed in a hoodie and clattering away on the keyboard. This stereotype has been made popular by movies like Blackhat, Hackers Game, Die Hard, etc. and TV shows like Mr.Robot, Person of Interest, CSI: Cyber, etc. In reality, hackers are normal guys like you and me and work regular 9 to 5 jobs. It’s just that hacking and programming is their passion and they love it when they find a bug, flaw, vulnerability or an exploit in any system.

Most hackers have their own toolkit to help them in their hacking adventures. Today we bring you the hacking toolkit of Dr.Babbage who posted his toys on Reddit. From the looks of it, these toys are serious business. We take a look at what Dr.Babbage uses for hacking episodes. Here is an image of the hacking tools Dr.Babbage uses.


The hacking toolkit that every hacker should own

Dr.Babbage’s hacking tools from left to right:

MSR605 magnet card Hico and loco reader writer for all three tracks

Awus 051nh 2,4 and 5ghz wifi monitor mode

Original Proxmark 3 with both antennas RFID Swiss army knife

Chameleon from RYSCC emulate RFID


Serial flasher


Rubber Ducky hid keystroke injector

Indentiv SCM SCL3711 RFID 13,56 MHz tool

Hardware keylogger

Noise Amplifier

DIY Pineapple Nano Wi-Fi tool

Dr.Babbage says he is missing these hacking tools right now:


The Chinese version of the Proxmark 3

Some electronic reverse engineering magic from China

DIY Magnet Card Emulator


Redditors have also suggested tools like LAN Turtle to him. Some of the above hacking tools may be illegal to use in your country. Do check with the authorities before ordering or using them.


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