A God Mode bug in Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) online makes you immortal


Glitch exposes GTA V God Mode: A glitch in Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V online makes you immortal but you can’t shoot your enemies

Grand Theft Auto V has been sensationally popular ever since it was released in 2013. Even after 7 odd years, players still love to play GTA V Online. After Epic Games made GTA V free for everybody last in May 2020, it became more popular. In fact, ScreenRant reported that there has been a whopping 245% rise in GTA V Online PC players ever since Epic Games offered the game for free.

Now a GTA Online gamer has noticed a glitch that allows the player to become GOD or gain immortality. Reddit user Gunflyzegaming made a post describing how the GTA V online glitch can be exploited to unveil God Mode.

How to enable God Mode in GTA V Online?

The flaw apparently allows you to become immortal in GTA V Online but you can’t shoot or harm your adversaries in the game. The God Mode also doesn’t protect you from NPCs and Police. Inasmuch it is only helpful for you to explore the GTA V Online without getting hurt.

Here is how you can enable the GTA V Online GOD MODE. First, the gamer must disable the auto-shooting mode and search for a user with this mode enabled. This trick also works the other way around. Once you have done this, you should go to an Ammu-Nation (the in-game armor shop) and meet with a group of players with other auto-aiming configurations and then leave the group almost immediately. (You should meet someone with the opposite aim then press accept and then press decline).

The next step is to find the “Kill Yourself” menu. You can find the “kill yourself” option in the quick menu. Once there, you have to do some quick actions. You have to press ‘kill yourself’ and the moment your character starts taking the lethal dose and right when your character holding the pill join someone opposite aim then decline and spam the interact button (right D-pad on PS4).

Once you have done it quickly and correctly, you have enabled God Mode in GTA V Online. You should now be in the armor menu and your screen is black/white. As said above, the GOD Mode gives you immortality but doesn’t allow you to kill other players. Only NPCs, policemen or soldiers, for example, can kill him.

According to the Reddit user, God Mode in GTA V Online is useful for exchanging items in crowded places without fear of his avatar dying in a shootout.

Try this out and do tell us if it works for you!


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