A Firmware glitch is causing Samsung Blu-Ray players to break down all over the world


A firmware glitch/bug is causing Samsung Blue-ray players to either break down or go in an infinite reboot loop

There is something bizarre happening to owners of Samsung Blu-ray players. If you do own a Samsung Blu-ray player, you will have noticed that it stopped working all of a sudden for absolutely no reason. In fact, even the maker of Samsung Blu-ray players seems to know the reason for the sudden breaking down of its Blu-ray players.

By numbers, Samsung Blu-rays are the most popular players sold through-out the world. And the worst thing is that this particular glitch affects all users notwithstanding the region code or the country code. If some Samsung Blu-rays do run, they go on an infinite restart loop all of a sudden.

Samsung Blu-ray owners took to the Samsung Forum and vented their frustration. The issue was flagged by Community Manager. The forum is filled with posts of Samsung Blu-rays either breaking down or rebooting in a loop. Some users have reported that their Blu-ray is unable to read the disc, and pressing the eject and power input doesn’t change anything, as the input is typically ignored.

Since the issue affects more than just one Samsung Blu-ray player it is most likely a Firmware glitch. Samsung Blu-ray players recently got a firmware update and it may be causing these issues.

We are aware of customers who have reported an issue with boot loops on some Blu-ray players and we are looking into this further. We will post an update here on this thread when we have more information.


Samsung doesn’t yet know what is causing the problem right now. It has warned Samsung Blu-ray users to stay cool and not get frustrated at their Blu-rays not playing.  Here a user, Rich is complaining about the issue:

Re: Blu-ray player BD-JM57C, keeps cycling on/off whenever plugged in
This is strange. The OP posted their message a few hours ago. My Samsung BD-57C just started doing the same thing about an hour ago. As soon as it receives power, it starts clicking and buzzing as if it’s trying to load a disc. Nothing is displayed on the TV. I changed batteries in the remote. The remote will open the drawer oncei per it on with the remote,  but the player closes it in two seconds and starts making noise again. If I insert a disc, I’ll hear the player start reading the disc, but then it starts the clicking and buzzing. At no point will anything be displayed on the TV screen. I unplugged the player for ten minutes. While it’s unplugged, I depressed the power button for 30 seconds. As soon as I plug it in, it immediately starts making noise. Any ideas? It’s about 2 years old. I’ve maybe used it about 20 times. 

However, you can understand the frustration of Samsung Blu-ray player owners as there are more than 6000 complaints as of now on the forum.


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