5 simple ways to spy on any smartphone without accessing it


5 simple ways to spy on any Android smartphone or iPhone without physically accessing it

People often want to find out what their old parents, partners, their children, or other loved ones are doing in their absence. Tracking and keeping tabs on your family members would have been impossible a few years back but with new technology emerging, it has become quite easy. Your Android smartphone and iPhone can be used to track your parents, children, and partners through their smartphones. For this, you don’t need to physically access their device but have a spying tool installed for keeping tabs.

We have already introduced you to corporate spying tools here. In this article, we look at the top spying Apps which are simple to use and can be installed on both Android smartphones and iPhones without much technical knowledge. These 5 simple spying Apps can not only help you keep track of your loved ones but also help them in case they are in any danger.

5 Simple Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Touching It


Minspy is at the top of the heap among spying Apps for Android smartphones and iPhones. Minspy gives its users a large number of ways to monitor any smartphone. It can be installed on any Android smartphone without rooting it or any iPhone without jailbreaking it. Minspy offers stealth mode, social media monitoring, SIM location monitoring, real-time access to call history and messages, Geofencing feature for an alert on travel beyond limits. It also gives you access to the target smartphone’s audio, video, and images.

Minspy is available for $39.00 a month for a single smartphone while the family pack is available at $69.99 per month for three devices. You can try out the Minspy here. Once you signup for Minspy,  it will ask you the details of the smartphone you want to spy on. If you choose Android smartphone, you will need to download a 2 MB file and install that on the target smartphone that you intend to spy on. That’s it. Minspy will then work without the notice of the owner of the target device and let you keep tabs on every move made by the smartphone.

It is even easier to install Minspy on iPhones. You only need to know the iCloud login credentials of the target iPhone or other iOS devices you intend to spy on. Sync the Minspy account with the cloud storage and you are good to go.


Spyier is the next spying App we are reviewing. Sypier can give Minspy a run for its money and is at number 2 on our list of apps used to spy on someone’s smartphone. Spyier operated the same way as Minspy does. It has many interesting features and multiple ways to monitor the intended smartphone. The monitoring of a target phone’s location is done through the GPS location or the SIM phone number. It also has the option to operate in stealth mode and you can set up travel alerts in Spyier as well.

Spyier also costs the same as Minspy and can be downloaded here.

3. Spyine

Spyine is not one of the most popular spying Apps but it has good features. The procedure for using Spyine is similar to the ones above. Spyine works for both Android smartphones and iPhones and offers all the spying facilities that the above two offer.

Spyine will cost you about the same as the above two and can be tried here.

4. Spyic

Spyic is probably the oldest spying App of the lot. Like the other spying Apps, it helps in keeping track of and observing both Android and iOS smartphones. Spyic allows you to track the targeted cell phone, monitor text messages, and much more. It also allows you full access to the target smartphone’s media like audio, video and images. Spyic is also very easy to load and runs in the background. It also costs the same as above and is available here.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is the last of the simple plug and play spying Apps we have for you. Like the other syping Apps above, Cocospy has a wide array of spying options for you. It offers all the spying features you need like location tracking, message tracking, call tracking, etc.

Cocospy also costs the same at $39 a month for basic pack and $69 a month for 3 device family pack. You can order Cocospy from here.


Having used and reviewed each app listed above, our vote goes to Minspy for being the best of the lot. Our review shows how easily you can spy on someone’s Android smartphone or iPhone without physically accessing it. All Apps are as good as they get cost about the same money so you go ahead and decide which spying App suits you better to keep tabs on your boyfriend/girlfriend, children or old parents.


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