15 top best YouTube channels to learn web development


15 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Web Development And Earn Mega Bucks

Each year thousands of new software engineers graduate from universities. Many of these want to pursue a career in programming but there are some who would want to become a web developer. While learning coding opens doors to big tech companies, as a web developer you can start your own business and also work for tech companies.

If you want to be a web developer but not sure where to start or which programming language, to begin with, this article will help you clear your mind and choose the right language. You should start learning languages like Swift or frameworks like AngularJS or even PHP and HTML5.

To help make you an informed choice we are listing the top 15 YouTube channels which teach you web development. Learning from videos is just like attending a class, the only difference being you can start and stop at your own time.

In this compilation, we are bringing 15 top YouTube Channels which will help you not only learn web development but also specialize in one of the many fields of web development.

1# Codecourse

Codecourse is perhaps one of the oldest YouTube channel which helps you learn to code for web development for free. The devs on Codecourse have put up some awesome CSS programming using Bourbon & Neat. The channel also teaches you to build MVC applications in PHP from scratch. One of the most important tutorials on Codecourse is basic to advanced learning of PHP so if you are interested in PHP and web designing, Codecourse is the best place to check it out.

YouTube Channel: Codecourse

Fees/Subscription : Free

Things taught on Codecourse: PHP, CSS, Hosting.

2# Dev Tips

DevTips is another YouTube channel with focusses on web development. The advantage of DevTips is its continuous updates. The DevTips team gives you weekly tutorial videos for a particular topic of web development. The channel caters to both novice programmers and advanced users. You can go into the basics such as HTML and CSS, CSS positioning, and others. DevTips has some the best JavaScript tutorials which teach basics as well as advanced working through Node.js.

YouTube Channel: Dev Tips

Fees/Subscription : Free

Things taught on DevTips: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

3# Level Up Tuts

A developer called Scott Tolinski runs Level Up Tuts and offers most easy to learn tutorials on CSS Styling and web-building, frameworks such as AngularJavaScript. Unlike other channels, Level Up Tuts also concentrates of teaching you CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. For web designing, Scott has separate tutorials on Sketch app, giving some sketching tips and tutorials. Scott is also a great updater because he releases a tutorial video twice a week.

YouTube Channel: Level Up Tuts

Fees/Subscription : Free

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (AngularJavaScript, Meteor), PHP, Working on CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, Designing with Sketch 3.


J-REAM is another regularly updated YouTube channel with offers web development tutorials. JREAM specializes in front-end development (CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp) and back-end development (PHP OOP) tutorials. JREAM also offers additional tutorials and tips and tricks for latest topics like Windows 10 etc.

YouTube Channel: J-REAM

Fees/Subscription : Free

J-REAM tutorials: CSS, JavaScript(NodeJavaScript, jQuery), PHP, MySql, Design (Photoshop, Illustrator).

5# LearnCode.academy

LearnCode Academy is already a very popular YouTube channel for programmers. Many may not know it but it also has good tutorials to learn web development and learn to be a Pro web developer. The web development tutorials will basics of HTML, JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery, CSS, and Modular JavaScript or ES6 Cheatsheet. There are also tutorials on how to use multiple Pro WebDev tools.

YouTube Channel: LearnCode.academy

Fees/Subscription: Free

LearnCode.academy tutorials : HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including Node.JavaScript, Angular.JavaScript, Backbone.JavaScript), Server Administration, Deployment Strategies.

6# Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie Child YouTube channel concentrates only on web development tutorials using Ruby on Rails. If you are a specialist in Ruby, this is the channel you ought to check out. There are screencasts about Ruby on Rails in 12 different applications, ranging from blogs, to-do apps to Pinterest clones on Rails.

YouTube Channel: Mackenzie Child

Fees/Subscription: Free

Tutorials: Web Apps development using Ruby on Rails.

7# Derek Banas

Derek Banas presents a video tutorial on programming in many languages. Interestingly he covers the topic of programming languages in the video as a whole. You can see a tutorial on Object Oriented JavaScript, CSS and SASS, Ruby, Go, Swift, Visual C#, Haskel, Dart, Scala and other languages.

YouTube Channel: Derek Banas

Fees/Subscription: Free

YouTube tutorials offered by Derek Banas: CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Swift, Visual C#, Haskel, Dart etc.

8# StartHere.fm

StartHere.fm is not necessary a tutorial provider but a podcast channel. Its podcasts on web development are worth watching. StartHere.fm teaches introduction to HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Rails and also about design (prototyping, wireframing, UX) all through podcasts.

YouTube Channel: StartHere.fm

Fees/Subscription: Free

Podcasts on : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails.

9# Tuts+ Web Design

Tuts+ is one of the great YouTube channels out there for professionals web developers. While Tut+ has some video tutorials on learning basic web designing, its core competency lies in advanced web design. Professional web developers can learn mastering Bootstrap, layout on Photoshop and Dreamweaver, build a responsive layout, implement SASS and Compass, making themes for Tumblr, and more.

The Tut+ channel has special in 60 Seconds section with web development videos on many advanced subjects

YouTube Channel: Tuts+ Web Design

Fees/Subscription: Free

Tuts+ video tutorials : Advanced web designing using Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS.

10# Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury describes himself as an author, instructor, developer, and designer. His namesake YouTube channel offers free video courses to help you in mastering web development technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and others. Adam Khoury’s YouTube channel caters to basic web development videos.

YouTube Channel: Tuts+ Web Design

Fees/Subscription: Free

Tutorials on Adam Khoury’s YouTube Channel: Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL.

While there are 100s of YouTube channels for web development which are equally good, the above 10 have been selected by us based on the learning criteria – that is from basic to advanced. Another thing we have kept in mind is the channels that offer different aspects of web development right from basic HTML to working with SQL and embedded web designing.

Here are some of the other YouTube channels which also contain good tutorials. But we suggest you go through the above list before descending on them.

1# Coder’s Guide

This guide will teach you about coding. You can start simple and climb the ladder to more advance courses.

2# Brad Hussy

This channel features courses on coding, CSS, PHP and how to make your own website. You can also learn how to become a great freelancer and earn some money with the skills that you have learned.

3# Google Chrome Developer

This channel will explain the fundamentals and how to use web applications. On this channel, you can learn about Google Polymer.

4# Code Geek

This channel provides you with news, tutorials, and webinars concerning coding.

5# Google Web Designer

This channel will tell you all there is to using the Google web designer tools. Something you should learn if you are looking to be a great web developer.

6# CSS Tricks

This YouTube channel is not about web development but a dedicated channel for CSS tricks. It has videos on almost every conceivable CSS tricks and tips. You can also learn to work with WordPress CMS and to create responsive websites.


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