$1499 Librem 14 inch Linux laptop with 10th-Gen Intel CPU will be available in December 2020


Purism’s $1499 Librem 14″ Linux laptop with six-core 4.70Ghz i7-10710U tenth generation Intel CPU will go on sale from December 2020

If you are a Linux fanboi and have been waiting for the Purism’s Linux laptop with the latest Intel chipset, you will have to wait a bit longer. Purism has said that the Librem 14 inch Linux laptop with six-core, twelve thread, 4.70Ghz i7-10710U tenth generation Intel CPU will go on sale in December 2020. The Librem 14″ laptop will be available for $1499.

The Librem 14″ Linux laptop was originally intended to be shipped by Purism in September 2020 but Purism says it encountered supply issues with Intel. Intel has been facing a lot of supply chain issues that have already made it push its 7nm chipset release dates to 2022-2023.

Though the release date has been pushed to December 2020, Purism says it will continue taking pre-orders for the 10th Gen Intel chip-powered 14″ Linux laptop at $1399 with a $100 discount. Once Librem 14″ laptop starts shipping it will be available from $1,499.

“The Librem 14 is going to be a powerhouse with a six-core, twelve thread, 4.70Ghz i7-10710U tenth generation Intel CPU. When we first announced the Librem 14 pre-order, we estimated shipping would begin in early Q4 2020 but unfortunately Intel has industry-wide supply issues with the i7-10th gen CPUs which has moved the ship date for the Librem 14 to December 2020,”


What’s new in the Purism’s new 14″ Librem Linux laptop

The Purism’s Librem 14 inch laptop is manna from heaven for privacy and anonymity lovers. It will have a BIOS kill switch as well as a microphone kill switch. The microphone kill switch will work even for those that are connected through the headphone jack. The Microphone kill switch will provide users physically disallow any spyware, hacker, or malware from using the microphone. If the Librem 14 user uses headsets with a built-in microphone, this kill switch disables the mic but leaves the audio to work properly so the user can continue to listen to any sound that comes through this port. The Librem 14″ inch Linux laptop also comes with a camera, wireless, and Bluetooth kill switches.

In addition to the kill switches, Librem 14″ Linux laptop comes with the following specifications:

  • Six-Core i7-10710U 10th Generation Intel Processor (Comet Lake)
  • Display. 14″ Matte (1920×1080)
  • Graphics. Intel UHD Graphics.
  • Memory. 2x SO-DIMM slots, up to 64GB*, DDR4.
  • Storage. 2 SATA + NVMe-capable 80mm M.2 slots.
  • Video. 1 HDMI Port (4K capable @60Hz max) …
  • Audio. 3.5mm audio jack (Mic-in & Headphone-out combo)

As stated above, the Librem 14″ Linux laptop will be powered Intel’s 10-generation Core i7 10710U chip with 6 cores and 12 threads. To make it super powerful, the processor will be paired 64GB of RAM(you can opt for small RAM size). The Librem 14″ laptop will have two separate NVMe-capable M.2 slots. It will have a 14″ Matte display integrated with Intel UHD GPU. The device will also have two 4K video-out slots.

Librem 14″ laptop runs on Purism’s own Linux fork PureOS and comes with coreboot and SeaBIOS. The Librem 14″ laptop also makes it easier for users to detect software and hardware tampering with PureBoot and the Librem Key

The laptop was originally announced in July this year as the successor to the Librem 13 laptop series. You can pre-order the Librem 14″ laptop for $1399 from here.


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