Database of 129 million Russian Car owners Data Breached and sold on Darkweb


Hackers sell a database of 129 million Car owners on Darkweb for just 0.3 Bitcoin

Unknown hackers breached into a database of over 129 million Russian Car owners records and selling it on the darknet. The hackers are demanding just 0.3 Bitcoin (Rs. 2,15,000 approx) over the breached data. The database includes names, addresses, passport numbers, and other data belonging to millions of Russian car drivers.

A local car-sharing company employee confirmed that the stolen data is been leaked from the registry of Russia’s patrol jurisdiction, the General Administration for Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

A Russian news agency RBC said that the data is being sold for cryptocurrency, citing an original report by local publication Vedomosti. According to the report, hackers also offered to buy some “exclusive” data for 1.5 Bitcoin (Rs. 10,79,000 approx)

Most of the 83 files posted publicly contain anonymous information about vehicles registered in Russia: the place of registration, make and model of car, date of initial and last registration, etc.

Cryptocurrency has become most popular among hackers on the dark web. Any database breached and then sold on the dark web in exchange for bitcoin. However, Cybercriminals often sell stolen data on the darknet for almost nothing or even give it away for free. In mid-April 2020, hackers were selling over 500,000 accounts of popular video conferencing platform Zoom for less than a penny each.

There are multiple ways you can protect your data from being breached, but its yet difficult to safeguard them for long if you are targeted by any hacker. The only way to safeguard your data is to change your password regularly and enable two-factor authentication if available.


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