100 Chinese PLA soldiers killed in the June 15th Galwan Valley clash with Indian Army


India vs China: Yang Jianli, a former Chinese military official, and son of CCP official says Indian Army killed more than 100 Chinese soldiers on the night of 15th June

Most of you have probably heard about the news about China agreeing to retreat their soldiers 1.2 KMS into their own territory north of the Galwan Valley. We have another bit of important news. We had reported how the U.S. intelligence agencies had estimated that at least 35 PLA soldiers were killed on the fateful night of 15th June during the Galwan Valley clash with the Indian Army. It seems the number is in 100s.

A former Chinese military official and son of the Chinese communist party, Yang Jianli has claimed that the Indian Army combatants killed more than 100 PLA soldiers in hand-to-hand combat with assorted weapons. Writing in an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Yang says that Beijing fears that admitting it had lost more soldiers than its opponent would mean a loss of face to both CCP and PLA. Yang also said that admitting more casualties could trigger major unrest within China. Added to the protest in Hong Kong, the CCP’s existence could be at state. He says in the piece  “More than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed in the dreadful conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers.” 

IYang took potshots at Zhao Lijiang, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry in the opinion piece as well. Yang blasted Zhao for not releasing the correct fatalities figure to the international media for scrutiny. On Chinese treatment of fallen and veteran PLA soldiers, Yang said “It is better not to think of the state of the retired Chinese army personnel when China does not care for the serving soldiers and martyrs from the Chinese military. The Chinese government frequently treats the retired soldiers, who participated in the 1979 China-Vietnam or the Korean war, with contempt. These soldiers are protesting against the communist government for pension, medical facilities and employment, for the last many years. But the Chinese government is not willing to take cognizance of their demands.”

The 100 PLA soldiers killed figure might rhetorical as Yang is now a dissident living in the United States and opposes the Chinese communist party and its propaganda. But one thing is sure. The number of PLA soldiers killed in the Galwan Valley clash is certainly higher than Indian Army casualties. The U.S. Intelligence estimated that 35 PLA soldiers were killed while the Indian Army estimates that upwards of 43 PLA combatants were killed during the fatal clash. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred during the Galwan Valley clash.


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