10 Ways to use and not to use the video conferencing app – Zoom


Top 10 Best Reasons to use and not to use the Zoom app

As everyone knows the global pandemic(Corona Virus or COVID-19) has locked the nations into a temporary Lock-down. Due to this lock-down company meeting, School/College lectures are abandoned and people are looking for solutions for Video conferencing. Even people who are locked in their homes feel the urge to remain connected with their near and dear ones and friends. When it comes to video conferencing, we have multiple apps like whats-app, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Google duo, but we found some reasons that we should share with you about the trending app Zoom which is being used globally.

Top 10 reasons to use and not use the Zoom Video conferencing app

To use: The Zoom App has a simple interface and is user friendly. You don’t need to login to attend a meeting/video conference.

The Zoom app has an Exciting feature that helps you join a meeting/ video conference without logging in any account. A user only needs to know the joining ID and password(if applicable).

To use: The Zoom app can connect 100 users at a time and provides HD video conferencing

Apps like Facebook, Whats-app, Instagram can only connect 3-4 users at a time, Moreover, Zoom can connect 100 users at a time

To use: The Zoom app has become popular as everyone is using it. So, new users can join meetings/ Video conference easily.

As the Virus hit affected the globe by social distancing the Zoom app made it easier to communicate with a large group of users at a time and got popular all over, However, as it is being used all over the globe it is easier for a new user to join and attend a meeting/ video conferencing.

To not use: Recently, it was found that Zoom may be leaking personal emails and photos.

The Zoom app had an issue with its ‘Company Directory’ setting that may have leaked user emails and photos

To not use: Zoom had falsely claimed that they offer end-to-end encryption.

Zoom meetings aren’t end-to-end encrypted as claimed by the company. The security features of the Zoom app are similar to using the web over HTTPS. While the connection is secured the video calls can be decrypted by a third party.

To not use: Due to privacy concerns, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has banned Zoom.

To not use: Zoom-bombing is the latest online harassment that Zoom users are facing.

“Zoom-bombing” has emerged as a new type of online harassment in which hate speech, pornography or other inappropriate content is suddenly flashed by disrupting a video call on Zoom.

To not use: Zoom was reportedly caught sending data to Facebook secretly.

Reports claimed that Zoom was quietly sending data to Facebook about Zoom user’s behavior and habits even if they were not Facebook users.

To not use: Zoom ‘attendee tracking’ feature is a major privacy concern.

To not use: Zoom for Apple MacBook had a major privacy flaw.

The Apple MacBook client for Zoom reportedly allowed hackers to activate the camera after a Zoom call was over.


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